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February 1, 2018

Edison High School – FEMA Preparatory Shelter/Addition

An 18,884 square foot addition complementary of the school’s existing building–originally built in 1954 in a progressive style–offering 15 distinct spaces and featuring a floating cantilever study lounge and two multipurpose rooms doubling as FEMA-361 safe rooms. The storm shelter design is the prototype for all future renovations and new builds district wide. The existing school electrical system required complete renovation from both utility services. AEG was able to complete the drawings and bid documents in time for replacement during the summer.

The Collegiate Center at Edison offers conference rooms, academic guidance offices, concurrent classrooms, academic study lounge, and a computer research lab. The space is a major testing site district wide and offers meeting spaces for parent groups and community projects. The multipurpose rooms seat 150 students but when used as a storm shelter both rooms hold 300 building occupants.

The design team conducted solar and wind analysis to test the addition against 240 mph winds and determine Life Cycle Energy Cost (helping justify a decentralized energy system able to reduce energy costs by 50 percent). Solar analysis was necessary due to the breezeway, circulation paths and glazing.

  • Mechanical.
  • Electrical.
  • Plumbing.
  • IT Systems.
  • Central emergency power system.

The design for the FEMA certification required a forced-air solution for the ventilation. AEG incorporated a central emergency power system UL 941 Listed for both the ventilation and the entire lighting in the auditoriums.

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